tek- nä-l -je
plural tech·nol·o·gies
  1. higher performance in a smaller package.
  2. the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area: engineering

As an established leader in advanced technology car audio products, Audiomobile’s mission is to engineer products that are simply better, and we   hope that this passion for excellence will resonate with those to whom music really matters.

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Audiomobile products “push the envelope” of performance, both in terms of introducing new, advanced technologies, and delivering greater displacement capability with smaller form factor. After 5 years in development, our next generation products were built with one goal in mind: to deliver audiophile quality, low-frequency reproduction in the smallest possible space.

Finally, true, audiophile sub-bass performance, with reduced, real-world space requirements, can be realized.

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Distortion of Sound

Audiomobile is very passionate about the accuracy of musical reproduction, just as all the professionals in ‘Distortion of Sound’ are.  Low-frequency reproduction is, unfortunately, one of the worst casualties of compressed music.  Hear it all!

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