Audiomobile Driver Standard Features

Drivers / Preamps

  • GTS "21" Series

    Long excursion, power handling, slim depth.

    Designed from the initial concept to address the need for a true, high-performance subwoofer, which would not compromise power-handling, excursion or sound-quality, “fit” into slim enclosures, AND also sound great in micro-box applications.  This represented a tremendous technological challenge to surmount.

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  • Elite "22" Series

    Low profile depth, reduced enclosure footprint.

    Designed to address an affordable, cast-frame performance driver family, that both offers reduced depth, as well as being incredibly flexible in applications and enclosures, each driver in the Elite series was created with a mission specific range of capabilities, to allow this one series to provide unheard of versatility.

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  • LineDrive Series

    High performance balanced integration preamps.

    Audiomobile’s LineDrive high-performance audio integration processors were designed to deliver seamless connectivity to upgrade your Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) factory audio system.

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  • Evo "24" Series

    Higher performance in a smaller package.

    The new Evo Series represents a composite of the benefits of the other Audomobile subwoofers. Featuring our proven, low-profile, “SLX” cast Aluminum frame, but features our proprietary Stasis Manifold Gap (“SMG”), which incorporates a longer magnetic gap, plus a unique air-flow cooling design, which uses the frame as an integral part of cooling the VC and motor, without resorting to costly machining of the frame, or additional parts.

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  • Future Drivers

    Audiomobile products currently in development

    Check out a gallery of some of the new products we’re working on, set to be released next year.

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