Elite Series

Versatility for a range of uses

Designed to address an affordable, cast-frame performance driver family, that both offers reduced depth, as well as being incredibly flexible in applications and enclosures, each driver in the Elite series was created with a mission specific range of capabilities, to allow this one series to provide unheard of versatility.

Elite series

Thus the Elite 8″ was designed to perform in both small-sealed, as well as very large (“Infinite-Baffle” or IB) sealed enclosures.  At a mere 4.2″ deep, it fits where few larger drivers will, more like what smaller drivers require, yet it will require four (4) long-throw6.5″ drive units, to move as much air as a pair of Elite 8″ subs, yet requires just 3/4 of a cubic ft. for a superb “SQ” enclosure.

Similarly, the Elite 10 was also created to fill this void in the marketplace; a rugged design ideally suited to work without any box, yet which could take the high-power typical of today’s system designs.

The ability of both these drivers to address these challenging applications, makes them absolutely unique in the market today.

By contrast, the Elite 12 was purpose designed to be an incredibly musical driver, both in small vented or reflex enclosures (as small as 1.3 cubic ft.), yet have the  capability to get low and loud, and maintain its composure, with all types of music.  The Elite 12 also performs remarkably in both single-reflex Bandpass and small-sealed enclosures, which are effectively the same.

Amazing sound quality at an affordable price

So regardless of your desired application needs, the Elite series offers a range of uses with stellar sound-quality, with modest mounting depth requirements, as even the 12 requires less than 5.9″ of depth, less than most high-performance 10-inch subwoofers. The Elite series will match up to virtually any driver costing up to 50 percent more, but will not compromise your trunk-space, nor your budget.




Voice Coil Diameter: 2.0" / 51 mm
Magnet Material: Ceramic
Musicpower Max: 800 watts
One-way Xmax: 12.5 mm


Voice Coil Diameter: 2.0" / 51 mm
Magnet Material: Ceramic
Musicpower Max: 1,000 watts
One-way Xmax: 12.5 mm


Voice Coil Diameter: 2.0" / 51 mm
Magnet Material: Ceramic
Musicpower Max: 1,200 watts
One-way Xmax: 12.7 mm