Audiomobile products “push the envelope” of performance, both in terms of introducing new, advanced technologies, and delivering greater displacement capability with the smaller form factor.

Solutions for the Modern Day Car Stereo Retailer

A true, “landscape” name, with an authentic, legendary past…

Considered by many as the “Genesis” of high-end car audio, through the years, Audiomobile has always been recognized as a brand synonymous with creating cutting-edge, advanced technology car audio products. Many of these technologies were adapted from Professional Sound reinforcement (Concert PA) loudspeaker products. This is no mere coincidence.

From the first true, high-performance power amplifiers, high-voltage preamplifier the famous SP 300, to asymmetrical active crossovers, for bi-amp systems with subwoofers, as well as many of the fundamental concepts and terminology now taken for granted, including the 6-channel (front / rear / sub) architecture, as well as the ‘amp rack’ concept, Audiomobile literally and figuratively “wrote the book” on bringing these technologies to the mobile audio system realm.

Commitment to excellence

There is perhaps no better example of modern technology than the latest generation smart phones. There can be no question it meets the ultimate definition of “technology.” Audiomobile is fully committed to delivering products that represent a “no compromise” philosophy, which is extremely rare in consumer electronics products today, especially in the mobile electronics category. It is our mission to engineer products that are simply better, and we hope that this passion for excellence will resonate with those to whom music really matters…

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